"Digital Synergies" is a Signature Area of Research and Creative Collaboration in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta, collaborating with researchers, faculty members, and students from a variety of academic and service departments, faculties, and campuses.
It supports research collaborations that address the unique challenges and opportunities that digital technologies present for scholars in the social sciences, humanities, and fine arts, focusing in particular on digital society, methods, and literacies. Its goal is to promote digital scholarship including research and re-invigorating existing University initatives such as CIRCA and the TAPoR Lab (more information under Partners). Equity, diversity and inclusion also lie at the heart of Digital Synergies.
Digital Synergies is composed of three founding pillars - digital society, digital methodology, and digital literacies. This expands to a variety of areas including big data, privacy and ethics; cultural representations and ethical implications of ubiquitous artificial intelligence; application of AI (including deep learning) to research and social problems; cyberarts and e-literatures; digital narratives, games and gambling; VR/AR/MR across arts, humanities and social sciences; digital humanities concerns and methods; digital feminisms; corpora and data science methods; digital mapping technologies; media and algorithmic literacies; and education in a robotified society.
Digital Synergies plans to facilitate collaboration and innovation in research and teaching with a view to increasing grant capture and international standing in this area. A main goal of Digital Synergies will be to organize and sponsor a range of connective events such as workshops, forums, seminars, colloquiums, and conferences that facilitate (inter)disciplinary exchanges in and beyond the arts, humanities, and social sciences; intersectoral exchanges with the public, private, and/or not-for-profit sectors; and international research collaboration and scholarly exchanges with researchers and partners from other countries.
To stay informed about Digital Synergies news, upcoming events, and initiatives please e-mail digisyn@ualberta.ca to be added to our listserv, and follow @UofA_digisyn on Twitter.