Media Archaeology, Artificial Intelligence, and Intersectional Activism (MAIA) Lab

The MAIA Lab is located in Main Arts 4-34 at the University of Alberta. 

The MAIA Lab covers a diverse range of interests, including a focus on research into Digital Humanities, Critical Videogame Studies, Media Archeology, and Women’s and Gender Studies. It contains a range of heritage and contemporary hardware and software for archival research purposes, as well as research tools for digitization, media production, and data visualization. It also serves as a meeting and presentation space, with projection facilities.

Faculty working with and in MAIA engage in a range of vital research projects on feminist media preservation and analysis, web and media design for accessibility, ethnic and indigenous game studies, and digital feminism tools and methodologies.

To book the MAIA Lab for presentations, lab work, meetings, etc. related to the missions of the lab, please register as a Digital Synergies affiliate. To become a Digital Synergies affiliate, please fill out the Digital Synergies Membership Form. Click here to see current lab bookings. Additionally, the MAIA Lab google calendar can be added to your google calendar

We are currently looking for historical Macintosh hardware as part of our archaeological initiatives. If you have an of the following hardware that you would be willing to donate:
a. 1988-1993: Classic (System Software 6.07); e.g. for Michael Joyce’s 1988
hypertext, afternoon; floppy
b. 1990-1993: LC-LCII (System Software 7.0-7.1)
c. 1994-1997: Macintosh Performa Power PC, e.g. 5215CD or 3100 (System
Software 7.5/7.6); 1994-1995; Magnavox hard drives; floppy
d. 1998-2003: iMac G3 (Bubble) (System Software 9.2/8); CD only
e. 2002-2004: iMac G4 (Lampshade style); OSX; boots up Classic (System
Software 9.2); external drive for floppy
f. 2004-2008: PowerMac Flatscreen (early OSX; cats: e.g. Lion). 

Please email